For Christmas 2013 I bought myself a box of Lego from a Boxing Day sale. Ever since I was about 12 and my little brother received his first Lego set I have wanted to build my own Lego stuff. I used to make airplane and car models so this feels like the next step, only way better.

Last year I went to a Lego exhibition and discovered it’s not just for kids and this kind of planted a seed for a new hobby.

So I bought the Lego City “Town Square” set as my first project coz it looked like it would last me the holidays if I built one section at a time, only spending about an hour on each part. After opening the box and seeing how detailed and clever it is, I realised very quickly it really is well worth the money it costs to buy a box of the stuff.

By photographing the pieces once they’re complete and blogging about it, a friend pointed out that, I’m actually covering three hobbies in one hit – blogging, Lego & photography!

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