10234 Sydney Opera House

18 April – Opening, unpacking, sorting, building – book one.

wSAM_3766  wSAM_3764


wSAM_3771  wSAM_3773  wSAM_3776

19 & 20 April – building the Concert Hall and Opera House foundations.

wSAM_3777  wSAM_3779  wSAM_3780

 21 & 22 April – building the Concert Hall.

wSAM_3781  wSAM_3787  wSAM_3788  wSAM_3789  wSAM_3792  wSAM_3793  wSAM_3794

wSAM_3796  wSAM_3797

23 to 26 April – building and attaching the Opera House building.

wSAM_3800  wSAM_3801  wSAM_3802


27 April to 3 May – Finishing touches.

wSAM_3808  wSAM_3807  wSAM_3804

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